Monday, January 28, 2013

If it's meant to be, it will be :')

Assalamualaikum ,
I'm back, nothing much to update in here. Lately, I'm just keep myself  busy with studies. And yet,  this it my final year, so I'm keep struggle through this year. Hoping to continue to degree level In Shaa Allah. Hoping for the best. Pray for me please.

I'm here just to share what i found in Dena Bahrin twitter about love, and it's really keep me strong after read  it as a teenage. soooo lets ;)

Maybe we feel that everyone is leaving us, or we keep pushing people away or maybe we thought our life is so tiring, how we keep hoping on someone who doesn't even bother to keep us in their life. Maybe we think how life is so unfair to love someone who doesn't even fight for us. But one thing, maybe Allah wants us to experience this, the pain might makes us wiser, we shall learn better, he wants us to keep praying. Knee down and tell him everything. Ask him anything, as he knows what's best for us. Maybe, it's a test where one day, there will be that one lucky person who deserves us the best and that time comes, the person exist without we ever expected. Bear this in mind, no matter how far we go, we deny, when we believe in him, That moment will come. If it's meant to be, honey, it will be. Hold on a little while. Hold on

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